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the teen years (age 13 – 18)

Parenting & Family Life

Parenting Programs

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
There are a variety of Triple P programs that can be delivered in different ways to parents and caregivers.

Triple P Group

A multiple session series that looks at positive parenting, encouraging positive behavior, teaching new skills and managing misbehaviour.
Triple P Fear-Less: If Your Teen is Anxious
IS THIS YOUR FAMILY? Your teenager (12-14 years) has anxiety that is affecting their everyday life. It may stop them, or your whole family, from doing certain activities. Your child may be worried a lot of the time. You may swing between reassuring them and telling them to face their fears. Neither of these seems to work, and their anxiety seems to increase. You may feel like you’ve tried everything, and possibly may be anxious yourself. If parenting a young teenager with anxiety is affecting your life and you’d like to help your child worry less and be more confident, Fear-Less Triple P can help.




Triple P Online

Resourceful teenagers have better coping skills! Triple P online is a great way to learn to positively influence your teenager’s development and life skills – a full toolkit of proven tips and ideas. You choose what works for you – adapt to suit your family, your values. Understand what’s within your control to change and influence for your teenager’s benefit. And, it’s free!


Triple P Primary Care

Does parenting feel trickier these days? Primary Care Teen Triple P is a brief and personalized way to get support for parenting teens aged 12 to 16 and dealing with language, insolence, defiance or risk-taking behaviour. In about four 15 to 30 minute brief sessions, you and/or your partner discuss the problems you’re having and decide what changes you would like to see. The provider gives suggestions to help, along with a tip sheet of ideas.

Triple P Seminars

The topics for these 1.5 hour seminars are “Raising Responsible Teenagers”, Raising Competent Teenagers” and “Getting Teenagers Connected.” Get tip sheets and ideas you can use right away.


Keep Connected

This is an interactive workshop series for parents and youth together. During the 8 sessions participants are prompted to learn from their own experiences and from each other. Search Institute’s research-based framework of developmental relationships serves as the structure and guide. This session can be modified to be offered individually to families.

Teen Triple P Group

IS THIS YOUR FAMILY? Your teen’s behaviour has become too much for you to handle. At home, there’s probably a lot of shouting and very little agreement. Or maybe you don’t bother trying to talk anymore. But you are worried. Or, maybe it isn’t that bad. It’s just that you realize things can change very quickly. So you’re keen to know as much as possible about positive parenting so you’ll be prepared if hassles arise. Either way, Group Teen Triple P can give the support you need. In 4 to 5 sessions, meet other parents with similar concerns. Get tips and suggestions, watch videos to see ideas being used and receive a workbook of tools. We offer this group when there are enough interested families (12 to 15 participants).
Additional more intensive Triple P courses are available. Please contact us at 306-825-5911 or info@midwestfamilycon for more information or to explore which Triple P program suits your family’s needs.

Home Based Services

What Are Home Based Services?

MFC offers a variety of services to support individual families. Program Facilitators work one-on-one with families in the areas of child & youth development, parenting and family dynamics, and community connections including service coordination. Goals are set based on what matters most to each family.
Family Coaching & Mentorship (FCM)
Family Coaching & Mentorship (FCM) is a voluntary family and home-based program for families of children from birth to 18 years. Healthy, strong family relationships are foundational to young people’s growth, learning, and well-being. These relationships build strong social and emotional strengths that kids use throughout their lives. Our goal is: to build protective factors; to foster developmental relationships at home and in the community; and to effectively connect the parent/caregiver with resources to achieve or sustain family wellness.

Indigenous Family Support

Indigenous ECIP & Family Support is a home-based service available to parents and caregivers of children from birth to 18 who have, or are eligible for, Treaty Status and who are experiencing, or at risk for, developmental delays. Support focuses on the capacity of caregivers to meet the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual needs of children/youth. Program Facilitators can coordinate Jordan’s Principle Applications for children & youth medical and special needs as well as assist with service coordination and transition planning.